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No more double handling of data

Watch your revenue skyrocket. Vet Radar’s seamless integration with ezyVet eliminates double entry of data and provides a smooth experience that saves the team time. The ease of capturing all charges, managing product information and clinical data through Vet Radar is a game-changer for business performance.

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No more missed charges, with automated charge capture

Save time and boost revenue. Vet Radar’s deep integration with ezyVet will easily allow all appointments, procedures, and medication set up in Vet Radar to automatically capture charges which flow back to ezyVet for billing, making missed charges a thing of the past.

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Mobile first approach and universal device compatibility

Mobile by design and compatible with both iOS and Android devices, including iPad, tablets, and desktops. Unlock the ability to work on the move, in operating theatres and treatment rooms with only a mobile device, update information on the go and not having to make notes on a paper and input at a later time.

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Access anywhere on any device, at any time

Vet Radar is a cloud-based solution where you can manage day-to-day operations online and on-the-go. With regular automatic updates for continuous improvements and more flexibility compared to hosting on a local server, joining us in the cloud means no more time committed to painful server crashes and expensive IT updates.

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Stay safe with bank level encryption

Keep your data safe from online attacks. Vet Radar’s bank level data encryption ensures protection by various means. You can rest assured that your data is safe in the cloud. You just focus on taking care of patients while the cloud focuses on protecting your data.

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