The Vet Radar journey

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Our Story

Back in 2018 ezyVet identified that it’s not always easy for busy staff to keep track of a patients journey through the hospital and stick to processes exactly as prescribed. This is when Vet Radar was born, to solve this problem and provide a software solution that ensures the best patient care is provided, along with reducing manual, repetitive tasks, all while helping practice reach their revenue goals.

We’ve recruited a team of veterinary industry professionals and technology experts that really understand the problems the veterinary industry professionals face and incorporated that into what tools and features we have today on Vet Radar.

Working cohesively with the wider ezyVet team and sitting in the same offices, we have made sure that Vet Radar and ezyVet seamlessly speak to each other. The deep integration between the two provide a smooth user experience every step of the way, whether you’re managing inventory and client communications in ezyVet or tracking a patient’s treatment progress in Vet Radar. Any data that you enter in Vet Radar is automatically passed through to ezyVet, ensuring that every critical piece of information is accurately tracked, and all treatments are invoiced correctly without any additional admin overheads.

Why Vet Radar

To help veterinary professionals reduce workload stress, boost revenue, and deliver the best patient care possible, with software which minimizes repetitive manual task, and enhances team workflows and communication.


Hospitals on Vet Radar

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Why choose Vet Radar?

Simple, clean, and intuitive interface - Easy to use software, reducing time spent on training and onboarding staff

Happier staff – Vet Radar will improve your team's wellbeing and make work life better, meaning managing an increase in patients easier

Deep integration – Vet Radar and ezyVet integration eliminates double entry and provides a seamless user experience

Mobile first approach - Vet Radar’s cross platform approach significantly reduces capital outlay for implementing electronic workflows in your practice

Improved patient care - Planning and administering treatments through Vet Radar will ensure excellent patient care

Increase in revenue - The ease of capturing all charges through Vet Radar will drive and improve business performance

Cloud based - No more painful server crashes and time committed to computer storage issues

24/7 support email and phone support - To ensure you have the help you need available all the time

Meet our team of animal loving technology experts

Anthony Church

Chief Product Officer


Annie Russell

Product Owner


Brooke Mitchell

Development Lead Architect


Brydie Chapman

Business Development Executive


Ashley Crawford

Quality Assurance Engineer