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Software your teams will love

Vet Radar makes it easy for busy veterinary teams to elevate their standard of patient care while managing caseloads requiring treatment, hospitalization, and monitoring of standard, specialist, or emergency procedures.

It's so much more than just a digital whiteboard

As a complete patient care software, Vet Radar guides your patients and your care teams
through every stage of the treatment journey, from admission to discharge.

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30 hours saved

Learn how a referral hospital saved
20 to 30 hours a week with Vet Radar and ezyVet.

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Improve patient care, streamline your
workload, and capture more revenue

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Elevate your standard of patient care

Leverage capabilities like quick patient registration, templated workflows, automatic dosage calculators, and emergency drugs to triage and treat patients efficiently and effectively.

Access diagnostic results, patient signalment, and critical care notes to make informed decisions on the go. Chart and monitor vitals, IV fluids, and CRI anesthesia trends, and accurately administer medications and treatment safely and on time.

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Vet Radar 5 star review

Set your care teams up for success and keep your practice profitable

Equip your team with the tools to effectively collaborate and communicate clearly under pressure. Replace paper processes with digital charting, integrated treatment sheets, task tracking dashboards and whiteboards, and enable staff to access critical information on the go using mobile devices.

Discharge patients knowing all associated treatment records are neatly filed in the clinical record and safely stored in your practice management software, while inventory is accounted for and treatment charges are automatically billed to the invoice.

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Supporting efficiency at every step

Vet Radar is intuitive with its clean and simple interface, one-click applications, and thought-out capabilities. It's built to function the way you treat patients and manage hospitalizations.

Our skilled implementers will introduce you to the seamless workflows of Vet Radar and walk your team through setup. Access training anytime in the app, or chat with our support team 24/7.

Supporting efficiency at every step

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Vet Radar and iPads spark a patient care revolution

Discover how ezyVet and Vet Radar help the BVH team save time on day-to-day tasks while enabling them to deliver the best standard of patient care possible.

  • Ian Irvine-Smith
  • Bryanston Veterinary Hospital
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How Vet Radar works

Replace your practice whiteboards and ditch paper clipboards with easily viewable, large-screen monitors and mobile devices so all relevant patient information, schedules, treatment plans, and surgical monitoring or procedural sheets are at your care team's fingertips, all charges are automatically added to the invoice, and all patient records are safely stored in one centralized place.

Veterinary care teams can

Set your care teams up for success and provide an elevated standard of care

Experience an easy-to-adopt patient care app for yourself.