Improve patient care & efficiency

Accurately track, administer, and record all treatments in a paperless workflow

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Streamline tasks with custom treatment sheets

Rapidly setup and customize electronic treatment templates and plans and automate clinical tasks. Vet Radar’s treatment sheets will kick start from the moment the patient checks in, seamlessly ensuring the patients' needs are established and visible across your practice, helping to reduce errors and saving time.

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Save critical time with advanced anesthesia sheets

Improve quality of care, increase efficiency, and keep control of your spending. Vet Radar’s anesthesia sheets help with tracking and administering medication, which reduce medical errors, all visible on easy-to-read digital charts. The anesthetic timer helps monitor and record the times that help you stay on track. All patient information flows back to the ezyVet clinical record.

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Complete visibility with electronic whiteboards

Provide your team full visibility of the status, location and treatments needed for each checked in patient. Electronic whiteboards keep your team in the know with a simple glance. Staff can use whiteboard filters to select the information that the whiteboard shows, allowing your practice to run as smoothly as possible.

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