CRI Calculator

Increase accuracy, to help you and your team deliver better patient care

The benefits of Vet Radar's CRI calculator

Increase accuracy

Reduce errors, and be more thorough supported by robust calculators that support accuracy

Save time

Reduce the time spent on complex calculations and let Vet Radar do the heavy lifting

Charge capture

The billable quantity of the dose given is automatically sent back to the ezyVet invoice

About Vet Radar's CRI Calculator

Vet Radar's continuous rate of infusion (CRI) calculator can calculate the infusion rate of fluid therapy medication. Vet Radar calculates the necessary infusion rate to give the medication to the patient at the specified dose. It can calculate an undiluted dose and a diluted dose.

Learn more about how the CRI calculator works by heading to the help tab in your ezyVet site or ask the experts on our community channel.