U.K. referral hospital saves “20-30 hours per week” with ezyVet and Vet Radar

Discover how one of the world’s leading veterinary ophthalmology centers uses ezyVet and Vet Radar to save time and deliver exceptional patient care.

Optivet Referrals is an independent referral hospital and one of the world’s leading veterinary ophthalmology centers. Based in Hampshire, England, Optivet has earned a reputation for providing outstanding patient care and offers a wide range of specialist veterinary services, including ophthalmology, orthopedics, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, CT imaging, and equine ophthalmology.

We caught up with the Optivet team to find out how they use ezyVet and Vet Radar to work more efficiently and achieve better patient outcomes.

Specialist services require versatile solution

Founded in 2006, Optivet has grown to a team of 75 veterinary professionals committed to delivering the best patient care possible, with a second site now in the pipeline.

As the hospital expanded, it became increasingly important to invest in a practice management system that would enable staff to communicate effectively between shifts and provide more accountability. However, as Veterinary Ophthalmologist and Founder of Optivet Robert Lowe explains, finding a solution that met Optivet’s very particular needs proved to be a challenge.

“We've used a number of practice management systems in our time. But because we're a relatively niche business, it's not easy to buy off-the-shelf software that can do what you need to do,” says Robert. 

Optivet team using Vet Radar

That need for versatility is ultimately what drew Optivet to ezyVet. As the world’s leading cloud-based practice management solution, ezyVet is able to accommodate Optivet’s off-menu requests, while the software’s bi-weekly update schedule ensures that new useful features are always just around the corner.

“We wanted to keep improving the client journey, the patient journey, the relationship with our colleagues, and with our veterinary colleagues in the outside world,” says Optivet VIS Director Simon Hester. “And we were pretty sure early on that ezyVet would help us to do that. That’s what I was most excited about - the continuous development of the system.”

Achieving greater continuity of care with Vet Radar

Migrating to ezyVet also enabled Optivet to tap into Vet Radar, an industry-leading patient care solution that extends from ezyVet. Whereas ezyVet is used to handle the day-to-day running of a practice, Vet Radar focuses on the care aspect of daily veterinary work.

“Vet Radar was a key reason for choosing ezyVet,” Simon says. “We liked the idea that we could combine a practice management system with a hospital management system. And we loved the idea that we could track patients right through the clinical process.”

Vet tech using Vet Radar

Vet Radar provides the Optivet team with a full range of real-time information, enabling every member of the team to remotely monitor the status of patients from any device, regardless of where staff are physically located.

“In the past, we were very reliant on a colleague having done the checks. You could go and look at a piece of paper, but it took time. We now know instantly what's happening, so the team can work much more effectively. And when we have less staff available than we might ideally want, we can still provide optimal patient care because you're able to network with each other much more easily,” Simon says.

All treatments, procedures, and clinical notes made in Vet Radar are automatically sent to the ezyVet patient record, eliminating the need for double data entry, while a centralized whiteboard helps minimize the risk of miscommunication.

“It’s great because the clinicians can access information from all around the practice without having to walk all the way down and speak to the person that's running the floor,” says Optivet Senior Veterinary Nurse Sara Benton. “It's definitely more efficient. With Vet Radar, our clinicians can spend more time doing reports and consults now that they don’t have to chase us around. They can literally look at the [electronic whiteboard] and see where the patient is in the system.”

"In our opinion, the combination of ezyVet and Vet Radar will not be surpassed. You will not find two packages that integrate so well and enable you to do your job to the best of your ability."

Simon Hester

VIS Director, Optivet

Reducing missed charges with customizable product bundles

In the fast-paced veterinary environment, accurately capturing every billable product and service is often easier said than done - particularly when you’re regularly performing complex specialist procedures.

To simplify the billing process, Optivet uses Product Bundles, a time-saving ezyVet feature that allows veterinary clinics to create pre-configured packages of products, medications, and diagnostic products. When a client comes in for a procedure, staff can simply add the relevant bundle to the invoice, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. Committing to a fixed price for surgery provides clients and insurers with more financial certainty, while the time saved on manually adding items to the invoice frees up staff to focus on more important areas of veterinary care.

“We use ezyVet to build complex procedure bundles, which include all the items that are used as standard with that procedure. And because the nurse doesn’t have to sit there and price up every single item that's being used because it's already pre-built within that bundle, it's saving an enormous amount of time that they can then dedicate towards patient care,” Robert says.

Optivet eye surgeon close upy

Importantly, ezyVet doesn’t just make billing easier for Optivet - it makes it easier for Optivet’s clients, too! Optivet is currently in the process of implementing ezyVet’s Windcave integration, which will allow clients to pay their bills remotely. Once it’s all set up and running, Simon predicts that the integration will save the business dozens of hours every single week.

“In the past, we had to ring people and chase payments, whether it was for a treatment or a drug prescription. Now, we can just send an invoice out, the client pays online, and we send the drugs off. It makes everything much easier and more streamlined for everybody. We think that the Windcave plugin, for example, is going to save us 20-30 hours per week on phone calls alone,” says Simon.

A better way of doing prescriptions

As one of the world’s leading ophthalmology centers, it isn’t too surprising that Optivet fulfills a lot of prescription requests. Formerly, Optivet had used a paper file that lived at reception. The team would write down the name of the animal and the owner and the drugs that had been requested, which would get ticked off when it was dispensed, sent or collected.

“It was one of those things that was great if we all remembered to do the ticking and the checking, but sometimes that didn't happen or a page would accidentally get ripped out or get lost,” recalls Sara. “With ezyVet, we don't have any of that. There’s a permanent record on the animal’s file. It's electronic, it's traceable. We can see who requested what, we can see who took the phone call, and we can see if an email has been sent out to the owner.”

Growing with ezyVet

As Optivet continues to grow, the business is now considering establishing a second location.

“When I was looking for a management software system, it was really important to me that it could grow with us. We're now looking at setting up a second site. It's going to be a very easy operation to be able to just transfer all of our knowledge and information that we have now deployed within ezyVet to a second site.” says Robert.

ezyVet will be there every step of the way, providing Optivet with the tools, data, and support it needs to scale.

"ezyVet has been absolutely fantastic in accommodating our requests and listening to what we need."

Robert Lowe

Veterinary Ophthalmologist and Founder of Optivet, Optivet